So here's the scenario. You announce that next week you will be holding an off-site meeting for team building or a new product roll-out or to teach about new ideas in your company. People are excited. On the day of the meeting, people come in, have coffee and danish and then sit down for a couple of hours as they are talked to by people who are not accustomed to speaking before large crowds. After a bit, people take a bathroom break, grab another cup of coffee and sit back down for another lecture. At lunch, if you walk around the room and listen to conversations, most likely you'll hear things like, "this is so boring, I actually wish I was at the office." But it doesn't have to be like that. Game shows can offer an exciting way to introduce information, build enthusiasm and lift company spirit. Think back to when you were in school...who were your favorite teachers? They were the ones who made learning fun. That's what we do for your company. We take the information you want to impart to your employees and craft an exciting game show that will leave them energized when they leave. In addition, studies show that information presented in a fun and memorable way is always retained better then when it is presented with a boring lecture.